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Samsung TVs get streaming LoveFilm service

DVD postal service LoveFilm has nudged the faithful optical disc a step closer to the crematorium today, as it announced that nine models of Samsung TVs will have immediate access to its online TV and film archive.

Owners of Samsung’s Internet@TV sets will get a user-friendly interface that can be controlled by the TV’s remote control. According to LoveFilm, you’ll be able to use the remote to scroll through titles, and also use a menu on the left to search through various categories.

The categories will include Pick of the Week, Most Watched and Highest Rated, but you’ll also be able to search through the entire archive via title, actor or genre.

Access to the service is free if you already have a LoveFilm Unlimited package, which start at a price of £9.99 per month. However, users of capped packages will have to upgrade to an Unlimited deal if they want to access the streaming service.

LoveFilm’s streaming service can already be accessed from a number of Sony devices, including Bravia TVs, home cinema systems and Blu-Ray players. However, LoveFilm’s deal with Samsung currently only extends to TVs, with Samsung Blu-Ray players and home cinema systems expected to support it at a later date.

Samsung UK’s vice president of consumer electronics, Andy Griffiths, proudly stated that, “to be able to offer such a well-known, innovative and popular service on our TVs is a great asset for our customers, and will certainly enhance the viewing experience for them."

Of course, LoveFilm subscribers who own media centre PCs will know that you can access LoveFilm’s online streaming service (opens in new tab) without needing to buy a net-connected TV. However, the bundling of a user-friendly interface as standard with a TV could turn this from a niche market for tech heads into a mainstream, widely-used standard.

Nine models of Samsung TV will support the service: the C650, C750, C6500, C6510, C6600, C6900, C7000, C8000 and C9000. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.