Wikileaks founder has passport impounded

The founder of whistle-blowing site Wikileaks says he was recently relieved of his passport by Aussie border plod.

Julian Assange - the Australian ex-hacker who created whistle-blowing, authority-bating web site Wikileaks - had his passport pinched by immigration officials who said they were going to cancel it because it was looking a bit tatty. Which is no surprise as the globetrotting pain in the arse to anyone with secrets to keep is constantly travelling.

Assange recently got under the Aussie goverment's skin by publishing a list of web sites which were about to be banned under the country's draconian new Internet laws. Soon after, the list had one additional target... Wikileaks.

The Globetrotting blogger keeps a low profile by keeping on the move, travelling every six weeks and updating the site using his laptop.

He was eventually given his passport back after officials had searched his luggage and questioned him about hacking offences commited as a teenager.