Wikipedia founder Wales says he hasn't quit

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has denied reports that he has stepped aside as the site's uber-administrator following a Fox News-led porn witch hunt.

Fox, citing “sources”, reported on Friday that Wales had voluntarily relinquished some rights and “is no longer able to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content”.

Wales then used Twitter to call the report bogus, tweeting a few hours ago: “I am not stepping down from anything. Fox News is bonkers.”

Wales had apparently taken it upon himself to start deleting pornographic images from Wikimedia's servers, over objections from some editors, after fellow co-founder Larry Sanger shopped the site to the FBI for hosting child porn.

Sanger had noticed that some Wikipedia categories contained drawings and cartoons of kids having sex. He decided not only that this might break US law, but also that he might break the law by not reporting it.

While Wales claims to be “still actively editing, every single day” it does appear that his admin privileges have been scaled back at his own request.

This Wikimedia page says, “Jimbo asked for the rights of the founder flag to be limited... The flag no longer confers the ability to delete content, hide content, perform checkusers, or change group membership for users. It also no longer confers the ability to edit protected pages, but that may change on request.”