Amazon To Bring Kindle App For Android

Online retailer Amazon may be looking to move from its proprietary Kindle platform to a more open architecture after it announced that it will be launching a free Kindle app for Android.

The app will allow customers to buy, download and read eBooks on their Android devices without the need to get a Kindle. Obviously, this means that forthcoming Android based tablets will be converted to e-readers within seconds.

Amazon says that more than 500,000 kindle books will be available; the app will offer Whispersync technology. This feature will allow a reader to synchronise bookmarks, notes, highlights as well as your last page read.

Amazon did not say when the app will be available other than a vague "soon". However users can register their interest and will need to have an external storage plus an Android OS 1.6 device.

An app for the iPhone is already available but the Android version will allow consumers to download ebooks from the app itself. The Android version also offers Amazon with a much easier platform to use and maintain.

Using Android may significantly reduce the cost of developing and building the Kindle which is facing the growing threat of the Apple iPad and other tablet clones.