HTC Desire Still Best Smartphone Deal Around

The HTC Desire has reached a quasi-mythical status amongst some users not because of its fantastic set of features but mostly because the six networks that sell it are doing whatever it takes to get it going.

We know for example that Virgin Media is offering the phone to existing customers only for £25 per month (600m, 3000t, 1GB data), luring them into signing two year contracts.

The phone has yet to make an appearance on Virgin Media's website and is unlikely to pop there anytime soon.

Others have been resorting to similar tactics which only served to stoke the flame which in turn causes demand and interest to increase significantly.

According to Google, HTC Desire has been more popular online than even the iPhone 4G in the UK even if it has been out since the beginning of the year and no longer attracts the same attention from the press.

We've heard rumours that 3 UK offered the phone for a mere £17 to some selected customers to keep them happy. O2 has also been busy pushing the phone for as little as £285 as an upgrade to some lucky ones; the phone's suggested retail price is currently £480.

The general rule of thumb is to approach your current mobile service provider even if you are not out of contract and ask them what deal they have for the HTC Desire, chances are that you'll be positively surprised.