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Hyperkin launches retro games console

Despite monumental advances in technology, many gamers still have a craving for chunky pixels and bleepy tunes. If you want any more proof, then just take a look at Hyperkin’s New RetroN 3, which features a Sega Genesis (that’s the MegaDrive for UK folks), a Nintendo NES and a SNES in one box of retro goodness.

This isn’t just your average cash-in with 20 games bunged onto some flash memory inside a retro gamepad, either. The RetroN 3 is a bona fide console, featuring three cartridge slots, so you can plop in your dusty old cartridges from the late 1980s and early 1990s until your button-bashing heart is content.

Two general purpose wireless game controllers are included as standard, but the console also features a pair of ports for the original controllers for each console. The idea is that you can relive the gaming experience of your youth with the authentic controllers and clunky cartridges, but without having to put up with a rubbish goldfish bowl TV.

As such, there’s no RF output on the back of the console. Instead, you get a choice of the vastly superior composite and S-video outputs. Of course, this isn’t going to be as good as an HDMI connection, or even a component cable, but S-video is still a massive improvement on the original RF outputs.

Rather than being the result of a rose-tinted nostalgia experiment, Hyperkin says that the RetroN 3 was the result of strong customer feedback. Founded in 2009, Hyperkin has already made a name for itself with the Retro Twin console, which combined a NES and a SNES in one. However, Hyperkin says that its retro gamers wanted more.

The RetroN 3 “was developed through feedback and suggestions the company received from consumers, based on Internet research and interactive forums with gamers,” says Hyperkin.

The firm’s marketing director, Steven Mar, said: “We designed the RetroN 3 with one thing in mind – having fun!” He reckons, “It’s an amazing system that offers a blast from the past as well as a fun, exciting way to enjoy three of the best game systems ever developed.”

There’s no word on whether a PAL system will be developed for those of us in the UK who have clung onto our plastic cartridges, but the console should happily play imported NTSC cartridges through any compatible TV.

Hyperkin plans to officially launch the multi-platform console at E3 next month, with a choice of red or grey colour schemes and a suggested retail price of $70 US (£48.40). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.