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Mac Market Still Healthy With Sales Up 39 Per Cent

Apple's Mac desktops have seen a 39 per cent rise in sales despite the release of the iPad.

In the period from April 2009 to April 2010, sales of Macintosh computers have increased, despite fears that Apple's new iPad tablet would adversely affect sales, reports (opens in new tab) Gene Munster of analysts Piper Jaffray.

Citing data accumulated by research firm NDP, Munster said that Macs had seen one of their best years for sales, and that the iPad hadn't diverted the attention of Apple fans.

He did, however, note that sales of Apple's iPod music player had registered a 17 per cent drop, indicating that the iPhone and iPad may have started to eat into the market share of Apple's existing products.

Market analysts have also predicted that the iPad will eventually start to make in-roads into the market share of Apple's highly popular iPod Touch hand held device.

Munster wrote (opens in new tab): “We believe in the long run, Mac cannibalization will exist, but will be minimal. Apple has successfully limited the iPad functionality to primarily content consumption, versus content creation on a Mac."