Puppy Linux 5.0 unleashed

A new version 5.0 of Puppy Linux has been made available by the developers.

This small and easy-to-use Linux distribution is also referred to as 'Lucid Puppy' as it is the first to be built from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx binary packages.

It just over 100MB in size and can be run entirely from RAM. It can boot from different types of media, including USB flash drives, hard disk drives and a Live-CD.

The new version features more puns that you can shake a bone at.

It was was built using the Woof build system, it's got Quickpet, with "some of the best Linux productivity and entertainment programs, configured and tested, available with one-click".

Puppy 5 also introduces choice in browsers, including Firefox, SeaMonkey, Chromium, and Opera. You can pick one or all and choose the default.

Each Puppy distro built by Woof is a distinctive distribution in its own right, with unique features, so you choose a puppy based on your particular needs, be it specific hardware, software, or access to and compatibility with the package repositories of a particular distro, apparently.

Previous Puppies were prepared primarily by Barty Kauler but Puppy 5.0 was cobbled together by the Puppy community - all three of them.

The last official release announced on Distrowatch was Puppy 4.3.1, back in November 2009, so it has been a while, the developers note.

Puppy Linux 5.0 can be downloaded from the project web site as a 128MB ISO image file. It is covered by the GPL/LGPL licence.