Rumour: AMD faces chipset drought

According to the tech grapevine, AMD’s supply of 55nm chipsets is apparently now entering the stage of emergency rations, because the company has instead focused production efforts on GPUs.

Taiwanese tech site Digitimes claims to have spoken to sources at motherboard makers, who say that AMD’s 55nm chipsets, such as the 890GX and 880G, are now running into short supply.

According to the sources, the lack of chipsets is the knock-on result of TSMC’s yield problems with 40nm chips, which has hit ATI’s Radeon HD 5000-series GPUs hard. AMD’s chipset and GPU divisions both originated from ATI, which still uses TSMC, rather than GlobalFoundries, to manufacture its chips.

If Digitimes’ sources are to be believed, then AMD allowed TSMC to shift the focus of its 55nm supply. As such, this meant producing fewer chipsets, but more of AMD’s older 55nm Radeon HD 4000-series GPUs, in order to keep the GPU business going strong while 40nm chips were in short supply.

According to Digitimes, graphics card manufacturers were eager to get hold of whatever GPUs were available during the 40nm shortage, and this meant meeting demand at the expense of chipset supply.

The sources said that the chipset drought was likely to continue beyond the third quarter of this year.

Via Digitimes.