Spotify Adds Cheaper Unlimited Music Options

Popular online music service Spotify has announced today that it will be offering two more listening options called Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Open which will complement the Premium and Free editions that are currently on the market.

Spotify Unlimited will allow users to access Spotify's entire music catalogue of more than eight million tracks for £4.99 per month from their computer, this is half the price of their premium edition.

The main limitations compared to the latter are that you won't be able to listen to music on your mobile phone, no offline mode and the unlimited version will come with a lower bitrate and no ads at all.

The Spotify Open version will be an ad-supported version that slots just under Spotify Free and offers 20 hours worth of music every month, that roughly equivalent to 300 tracks a month, all for zilch.

Most importantly though, there's no wait for an elusive Spotify invite that offers you free, unlimited ad-supported music on your computer.

Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify, said in a statement that "we wanted to give music fans new ways to enjoy the service. Now everyone who wants a great introduction to Spotify without an invite, or who wants to enjoy unlimited, ad-free music just on their computers, can do so.".

You can find more about the differences between the various Spotify options here; the changes come a few weeks after a raft of social features were added to the service.