Three-Quarters of Users Still Prefer CDs and Books to Downloads

A recent survey conducted by Hewlett-Packard has revealed that three-quarters of Britons still prefer DVDs, CDs and books to their digital counterparts.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the survey, conducted among consumers aged between 16 and 60, indicated that 70 per cent of consumers believe that digital music and film subscription services will never take the place of hard copies.

HP also said that 75 per cent of the respondents preferred watching their favourite movies on DVD rather than subscribing to online video streaming services. Ninety-five per cent of Britons surveyed also said they favoured old-fashioned books to the ebooks popularised by Amazon Kindle and now the iPad.

Shaun Hobbs, Home Server manager for HP Personal Systems Group UK, told the Telegraph: “In this technologically driven age it is easy to get carried away and think that everybody is embracing digital and leaving physical behind. Our survey shows that this isn’t the case. Britons are on an evolutionary journey.”