UK Web Users Learning To Be More Security Aware

Figures published by UK media watchdog, Ofcom, as part of their media literacy support, shows that only 20 percent of adults that are on social networking websites like Facebook or Myspace allow people other than their family and friends to have access to it.

This is down from 52 percent back in 2007 and shows that UK internet users are becoming aware of the risks associated with making their personal details public on such websites.

The report also underlined the fact that 25 percent of users were reluctant to install filtering software and a similar proportion felt the same when it comes to installing security features.

The 2010 version of the survey, which was carried out amongst 1824 people aged 16 and over, showed that people are now more security-savvy than ever before and more aware of risks associated with privacy.

Interestingly, the report also highlights the geographical differences between Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland when it comes to the proportion of adult internet users having set up a social networking profile.

Nearly half of all Scots and Welsh in this category have such a profile, compared to 44 percent in England and a comparatively low 31 percent in Northern Ireland.

Scots also appear to be much more worry free when it comes to sharing their online details online; half of them are happy to share their home address details compared to less than a quarter of Welsh and Northern Ireland inhabitants.