Android Surging In Smartphone Market Ahead Of Windows Mobile

Figures published by research powerhouse Gartner show that Android is now the fourth most popular operating system in the booming smartphone market behind Symbian, RIM and iPhone OS.

Google's mobile platform was on 9.6 percent of devices which were sold during the last quarter, ahead of Microsoft's Windows Mobile; some reckon that the shift is due to a "perfect storm" of technological and financial reasons.

Already a number of phone manufacturers have moved away from Windows Mobile and launched Android-based handsets; long time Microsoft Partner HTC is now firmly in Google territory after having launched a slew of very popular Android mobiles like the Desire, the Legend or the Wildfire.

One year ago, the percentage of smartphones that are actually shipped with Android was only 1.6 percent.

According to Netmarketshare, Windows Mobile accounts for 0.06 percent of the total OS marketshare compared to 0.09 percent for Android and 0.23 percent for Symbian.

Microsoft will be betting on Windows Phone 7 OS which will come later this year, to catch up with Google and the rest of the band.

Symbian OS, which is mainly used in Nokia's smartphones, is the other platform which will need to be careful about losing shares in the marketshare.