Apple Ipod Touch with camera leaked

A Vietnamese tech site has pulled off yet another Apple leak scoop having laid its hands on a camera-equipped iPod Touch.

The seemingly-genuine prototype brings's total of embarrassing Apple leaks to three, having already exposed the company's forthcoming iPhone G4 and yesterday's MacBook refresh.

We're not quite sure how the Vietnamese bloggers are laying their hands on such an unprecedented amount of unreleased Apple hardware, but you can bet that Cupertino's legal goons are keeping a very close eye on comings and goings from the oufit's HQ, if such a place exists.

The latest Apple toy to do a walk from a far-eastern factory is what appears to be a new iPod Touch sporting a two-megapixel, rear-facing camera.

The device is either the real deal or the best hoax we have yet seen, although it does seem to be sporting some rather shonky-looking software. Either Apple has completely redesigned the GUI for the soon-to-be released iPhone OS 4.0, or the device is running a third-party skin of some sort.

Or it's just a big fat fake. Take yer pick.