Browser app restores Facebook privacy

App developer Untangle has released a tool that allows users to turn all their Facebook profile settings back to private.

The application, SaveFace, allows users to reverse changes made by the company when it announced its Open Graph initiative and made the majority of user data public by default.

SaveFace installs easily into Firefox as a bookmark, or as an IE Favourite. All a user has to do is log into their Facebook account and click the newly installed SaveFace button on their bookmark toolbar to make profile information such as contact details, wall posts, friend lists and other details viewable only to 'Friends only'.

The app was developed as a result concerns over Facebook from regulators both in the US and in Europe. As well as breaching users' privacy, Facebook has been accused of making it difficult for users to find the many settings required to keep their data from being visible to all.

Last week, the New York Times published a graphic demonstrating the many different settings users need to adjust if they want to preserve their privacy. In the same article, the NYT lampooned the latest incarnation of Facebook's privacy policy which, at 5,830 words, is longer than the US Constitution.

Concerns over privacy have led to as many as 60 per cent of Facebook users saying they may delete their account, according to research released today by security firm Sophos. Search engine Google reports that search queries relating to deleting Facebook accounts had doubled last week