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Credit card criminal forum hacked, a German web forum devoted to the black market trading of stolen credit card details, has been hacked, and the entire contents of the site leaked.

Whoever compromised the site has published a 100MB SQL dump of the forum's database, alongside a text file containing the email addresses of all of its users.

The SQL dump appears to include not only the contents of the public forum, but also the private messages passed between members. Some IP addresses also appear to have been logged.

Naturally, it also includes the information about innocent victims that the thieves traded, including credit card numbers and banking usernames and passwords.

The culprits identify themselves as “some happy ninjas” and, in broken English, appear to claim responsibility for a previous attack on another criminal gang.

“They used to be only a small forum but, we erased after 1337-crew they got more power. The rats left the ship sinking. The voices told us to own them since carders is our fault and we had to fix our flaw. So we did,” the released text file says.