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Facebook App SaveFace Gives Users Back Their Privacy

A third-party developer of Facebook applications has created an app that allows users to comprehensively protect their personal data.

The application, SaveFace, allows users to restore their privacy by changing the settings that Facebook had changed to show all by default.

The social network had come under fire from users and privacy groups after it tinkered with the site's privacy settings, sharing previously private data with partner web sites.

Untangle says that SaveFace will work as a browser bookmarking tool, making all available profile information like contact details, wall posts, friend lists and other details viewable only to 'Friends'.

Another Facebook app developer group has launched ReclaimPrivacy, which scans for and shows all information made publicly viewable on users' profiles, so that people may change their security settings accordingly.

The emergence of third-party privacy tools for Facebook highlights the anger caused by Facebook after it altered privacy settings as part of its so-called 'Open Graph' project.