Google To Provide London With Full WiFi Coverage By 2012?

London's Mayor Boris Johnson has promised that London will get a blanket WiFi coverage by the 2012 Olympics, turning the city into the world's biggest internet hotspot.

Evening Standard's Mark Prigg reported that the flamboyant Mr Johnson promised that "every lamp post, every bus stop" in the capital would offer wireless internet access before long and that thousands of wireless access points would be installed across the city.

22 Boroughs have already signed for the scheme which may complement one project already being run by the City of London and offers wireless Internet since April 2007 though 127 APs to around 350,000 people.

The Cloud currently manages the City of London infrastructure and it is not known whether Mr Johnson will rely on private help or levy an additional tax to implement the project.

The fact that the announcement was made at a Google Event might indicate that London's Mayor may eventually convince Google to help the City.

Google has already said that it wants to implement a Gigabit broadband infrastructure in the US and a nudge from the head of one of the most cosmopolitan and technology cities in the world could go a long, long way.

The US-project will see at least 50,000 homes in a city get fiber-to-the-home connections with speeds reaching 1Gbps. Such a project will be significantly less difficult to implement in the capital given that it will use existing infrastructures.