Lib Dems Push for Amendments to Digital Economy Act

The Liberal Democrat party has announced that it will push for amendments to the controversial Digital Economy Act.

The party has asked its MPs and ministers to push for a repeal of some sections of the Act which it says threatens users' right to freedom on the Internet.

The decision to appeal against the bill was decided at the Liberal Democrats' first party gathering following the recent UK election.

In a statement, a party spokesperson said: “Conference urges Liberal Democrat ministers and MPs to take all steps to ensure the repeal of those sections of the Digital Economy Act 2010 which are inconsistent with policy motion 'Freedom, Creativity and the Internet'.”

The Digital Economy Act gave the government the power to permanently block the internet connections of those accused of online piracy.

Telecom regulator Ofcom has announced that it will be excluding small ISPs with less than 400,000 subscribers from the provisions of the Digital Economy Act.