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NEC beefs up projectors to enable 3D

NEC Display Solutions said its NP115 and NP210 projectors from are now capable of displaying images in 3D.

NEC said the devices' DLP Link technology with a refresh rate of 120Hz allows 3D images to be projected with the aid of a single projector, to be viewed with active glasses. Special screens and filters are not required, similarly an emitter to synchronise the glasses is not required.

The outfit recons the inexpensive 3D projection system will benefit users in education, engineering, architecture and design. It doesn't mention watching the World Cup.

Traditional 3D projection technology requires two projectors, one for the left eye and one for the right. Both devices must be precisely aligned in a time-consuming process and users require special filters and potentially also a special screen.

EC said its DLP Link technology enables a single projector to produce the images for both eyes. The impression of 3D is created by the interaction with the active LCD shutter glasses.

The NEC NP115 3D and NP210 3D projectors are available now. A third device, the NP216 3D will be available in June. The recommended retail prices (excluding VAT) are £339 (NP115 3D), £425 (NP210 3D) and £435 (NP216 3D).

From June , NEC Display Solutions will additionally be offering a special 3D starter kit, which includes active 3D glasses and some bundled 3D content, so you'll have something to project. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.