Novell and Vodacom hook up in African cloud

Novell and Vodacom have announced a partnership that will integrate Novell’s software with Vodacom's cloud infrastructure.

The partnership is aimed at helping businesses across Africa to manage and monitor multi-tenant applications deployed from Vodafone-owned Vodacom's cloud infrastructure.

The announcement was made at Novell's week-long BrainShare Europe knees-up in Amsterdam today.

The match made in heaven has, according to the two companies, been put together to respond to growing business demands, improve server workload performance, reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

“Cloud computing will change the way companies do business. The service delivery model is vastly scalable and less resource and energy intensive, enabling organisations to purchase robust and reliable infrastructure and application services for a reduced cost.” said Vodacom's Richard Vester.

“However, security concerns are inhibiting the adoption of cloud computing. Our partnership with Novell enables us to deliver infrastructure and application services that can support our customers’ specific security policies and regulatory compliance requirements.”

The two companies have a track record of working together, having previoulsy collaborated on BasisOne, a hosting provider based in South Africa, which uses Novell's identity and security solutions in Vodacom’s private cloud.