O2 To Launch Pre Plus and Pixi Plus In UK On May 28th

O2 has announced that it will be launching the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus in the UK on the 28th of May, the same Friday when the iPad will be launched. Whether this will spoil Apple's party remains to be seen as both smartphones are essentially slightly improved versions of their older siblings.

The Pre Plus now carries twice the amount of online storage (16GB in all) while the Pixi Plus comes with WiFi; that's it really. The Pre Plus will also come with Touchstone compatibility out of the box although you will still need to buy the inductive charging dock separately.

O2 says that both smartphones will come with unlimited data, public WiFi at the Cloud and BT Openzone and unlimited texts as well. As for the tariffs, they start from £25 per month on a two year contract with 100 minutes and £99 for the Pre Plus and £49 for the Pixi Plus respectively.

Add a fiver per month if you want a shorter 18-months contract. The sweet spot appears to be the £35 band with 600 minutes for both handsets.

Still in either case, they end up being much more expensive compared to the £25 per month T-Mobile charges for the HTC Desire (although it comes with less text and no WiFi package).