Ofcom Exempts Small ISPs from Digital Economy Act

Ofcom is to exempt Internet Service providers with less than a 400,000 users from the terms of the Digital Economy Act.

Timico reports on its blog that Ofcom has said the DE Act will be limited to ISPs with 400,000 subscribers or more and will not include mobile broadband.

Ofcom, which is in the process of outlining the guidelines for the new digital laws, has informed the Internet Service Provider's Association (ISPA) about its cut-off decision for small scale internet service providers.

The telecom regulator has stated that the Code for the DE act will be tailored toward targeting ISPs whose consumers indulge in copyright infringement.

Ofcom is planning to keep a track of the consumer traffic to nullify the chance of users shifting to any small scale ISP after infringing on copyright.

The regulators have asked seven major ISPs to reveal data for consumers suspected of sharing videos, songs or hardware illegally.