Seagate To Launch 3TB Drives for Business

Seagate is to launch new 3-terabyte capacity hard drives for businesses.

The storage device maker will launch a pair of 3TB hard drives, UK tech web site Thinq has reported. The announcement comes alongside that of a flash memory-based hybrid drive that eliminates the need for a separate solid-state drive (SSD) in mobile computers

Barbara Craig, a senior product marketing manager at Seagate, hinted that software and hardware makers would have to be ready for the 3TB hard drives when the company launches them in the near future.

She also added that the upcoming hard drives will be only available for enterprise use.

The introduction of the new hard drives will herald a significant change to the way in which enterprise users handle their capacity requirements.

It will also initiate changes in the enterprise storage market, as OEMs and storage system makers rush to make the changes required to support the new drives.

Currently storage OEMs and system builders make products that are compatible drives that have a maximum capacity of 2.1TB. They will need to make significant changes if they want to support hard disks with a larger storage capacity.