Shoddy apps are killing Android batteries

Apple has been roundly battered for its policy of keeping an iron grip on what you can and can't install on its iDevices.

Steve Jobs has regularly been publicly pilloried for protecting his precious toys within a protective bubble, and a whole community has grown up around jailbreaking the Cupertino company's closed ecosystem.

But Jobs and all his little helpers have always insisted that Apple operates the systemic shutdown for a very good reason, to protect hapless user from the nastiness of the outside world.

Some of you will be loathe to admit it, but it seems that Apple has a point.

Google founder Larry Page has recently jumped to the defence of his company's Android mobile operating system after users complained that Android handsets had crappy battery life, sometimes struggling to keep going for a day.

Page insisted that it wasn't the OS which was the route of the power drainage, rather it was shoddily-coded third party apps which were causing the batteries to give up the game after just a few hours. Apps which are not subjected to the kind of scrutiny for which the iTunes Store and its army of testers/censors has often been criticised.

In particular, Page suggested that people were publishing apps which were "not particularly smart" about managing cellular radio use.

“I have noticed there are a few people who have phones where there is software running in the background that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly," he said. "If you are not getting a day, there is something wrong."

So it looks like you can have either an open system with the freedom to install whatever the hell you like, or a phone that works.

It's your choice.