Survey Shows Facebook More Important Than TV Or Magazines For Girls

Surveys conducted last month shows that girls have named Facebook as one of the most important things in their lives.

The 1,000 girls aged between eight and fifteen surveyed said that only Friends and Family were more important than Facebook in their lives.

The surveys have revealed that 40 per cent of girls believe social life to be a very important aspect of their lives and see social networking as a bigger influence than even television or magazines.

In comparison only 6 per cent of the 1,000 boys surveyed find Facebook important in their lives. Instead, the majority of boys mentioned money, family, and friends as their top priorities.

The surveys also claim that most of the 3,000 parents surveyed underestimate the importance of technology in their children's lives.

They also show that young girls feel closer to their fathers whilst young boys find themselves closer to their mothers.

The surveys, supported by the NSPCC and other charities, was a part of National Family Week.