Tosh claims 3D lenses reduce brain strain

Toshiba says it has developed a new LCD panel for 3D glasses which will cut down on headache-inducing 3D crosstalk.

The new OCB (Optically Compensated Bend) LCD panels will be used for shuttered 3D glasses which trick the brain into seeing three dimensional images by rapidly blocking off each eye in turn, synchronised with the left and right eye images which are shown sequentially on the viewing screen.

Until now, shuttered 3D glasses have been susceptible to 3D crosstalk which is where the left eye senses the right eye image leading to blurred vision and user fatigue.

Toshiba reckons it has fixed the problem with the high-speed shutter response and wider viewing angle of its new OCB lenses.

Hopefully by the time the new technology comes to market somone will have designed an enclosure for the panels which doesn't make you look like an android Roy Orbison.

The Japanese Electronics giant will showcase the new glasses at SID 2010 which starts May 25th in Seattle.

Via Akihabara News