Adobe Launches Flash 10.1 To Quell Apple Criticism

Adobe Systems is preparing to release an updated version of its Flash software.

The update is set to improve the quality of video played on mobile phones and, Adobe hopes, will quash the criticism coming from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

In an interview last week, Adobe Systems' vice president David Wadhwani said that Flash 10.1 will be unveiled today at a Google-sponsored conference.

The release of the revamped Flash follows a campaign by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in which he systematically highlighted the platform's flaws.

Jobs upped the ante when he banned Flash from all Apple devices, including the newly launched iPad.

Mike Olson,an analyst at Piper Jaffray said: “Given everything that’s going on between Apple and Adobe, it’s critical for Adobe to get Flash up and running on other handset manufacturers’ devices in the next six to 12 months.”

The new Adobe Flash 10.1 will come with native touchscreen support and faster loading options, as well as being more energy-efficient and making full use of a fast processor in mobile devices.