Apple Opens iPad App Store A Week Before UK Launch

Apple has launched its iPad App Store in the UK one week before the release of its 'magical' device.

Users with a UK-based iTunes account can now access the iPad App Store and begin purchasing their favourite applications in anticipation of the device, to be released in the UK on 28 May.

Although lacking the iBooks and iWork applications, the UK iPad Store will stock all other free and paid-for applications for download, including iPad-only apps such as the official Wall Street Journal application and the F1 2010 game.

With the launch of the UK iPad App store, British users will no longer have to wade through the thousands of applications available on iTunes to find iPad-specific softwareas. The new store will stock only apps that are iPad-compatible.

By offering users a chance to download applications in advance of the iPad's launch in the UK, Apple hopes to maintain the hype surrounding the device.