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Apple Sells iPads For Cash After TV Complaint

Apple is to allow customers to pay for iPads using cash, following a complaint to ABC7News (opens in new tab) channel's consumer watchdog show, '7 On Your Side'.

The complaint was made by Diane Campbell after Apple refused to sell her the device because she wasn't paying with a credit or debit card.

According to UK tech news site THINQ (opens in new tab) an Apple Store employee refused to sell the device to Campbell, who had been saving for an iPad for a long time, claiming it was against company policy to sell the tablet computer to customers who weren't paying by card.

The employee said that the company permitted only credit card sales in order to prevent iPads being sold on the black market.

Days later, Apple responded to the press release, announcing that they would be reversing their 'credit card only' policy.

Apple said: “About a month ago, we said we'd like you to use a credit card when you buy your iPad, and that was the best way we could think of to make sure that people only bought two per individual.”

Following the press release, Apple store employees delivered an iPad to Diane Campbell's house as a free gift.