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Corsair expands Force range of SSDs

Sandforce's acclaimed line of SF-1200 controllers has once again assaulted the burgeoning SSD market, as Corsair has just expanded its Force range with three new solid state drives (SSDs).

The new multi-level cell (MLC) Nand flash drives follow on from the launch of the first 100GB and 200GB Force drives (opens in new tab) in March. Now joining the Force party are the 60GB F60, the 120GB F120 and the 240GB F240.

As with the previous Force drives, Corsair claims that the new SSDs have a sequential read speed of 285MB/sec, and a write speed of 275MB/sec. The company also claims that the random write speed, which is often regarded as a more representative figure when it comes to general use, is also pretty hot.

Corsair says that its engineers worked closely with Sandforce to "implement and qualify firmware which guarantees the unusually fast 4K random write performance of 180MB/sec, measured using the ATTO benchmark." Corsair says that this speed generates 15,000 IOPs (input/output operations per second).

Interestingly, Corsair also claims that there's "no drop-off in performance" when using the 60GB drive either. Smaller drives such as this often suffer from slower performance compared with their bigger brothers, because they have fewer chips and therefore less interleaving. For example, Corsair's own 32GB Nova drive (opens in new tab) can only write at 75MB/sec, compared with the 195MB/sec speed of the 256GB Nova.

Corsair's vice president of marketing, Jim Carlton, described the new SSDs as "an excellent option for any enthusiast looking to build their system using the best storage system performance that is currently available.”

There's no word on pricing yet, but the 100GB Force SSD currently costs £320.85 inc VAT (opens in new tab), so don't expect them to be cheap. Corsair expects the SSDs to be available at retail in June this year. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.