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Google Announces App Store for Chrome and Chrome OS

Google announced the launch of an application store for its Chrome web browser at its I/O Developer Conference yesterday.

The Chrome Web apps store will work in the same way as Google's existing Android Marketplace and rival Apple's iPhone App Store, allowing users to download applications either for free or a one-off payment.

Googles hope that the Chrome Web app store will give the Chrome browser an edge over competitors such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

The search giant is to hold another developer conference on Thursday, where the company is expected to announce it is working with Sony, Intel and Logitech on an Android OS-based tablet device that will provide direct competition to Apple's iPad.

According to Google, the Chrome OS will be a cloud-based operating system with no need for a physical hard drive. Applications and the necessary drivers to run a Chrome OS-based netbook will all be stored in the Google cloud.

The application store will sell applications for both the Chrome web browser and the Chrome operating system expected to be released later in the year.