Google Launches Android OS 2.2 "Froyo"

Google has unveiled the updated version of Android OS, codenamed Froyo, which amongst other things will offer full support for Adobe's Flash technology, something that Android supporters will surely highlight.

At the Google I/O developer event, the search giant showed that the operating system actually run faster on older hardware, something that was demonstrated recently.

The new version of the Android platform was also presented as a more "entreprise" ready version with a whopping 20 new features aimed at this particular audience, something that RIM, HP and iPhone will follow very closely.

The browser on the Android OS 2.2 has also been updated with up to 300 percent better Javascript performance compared to OS 2.1 and Apple's iPad running iPhone OS 3.2.

Other improvements include a "Cloud to device" messaging API, WiFi Hotspot and tethering and the ability to download apps to the device's microSD plus a Chrome browser plugin that allows web pages and maps to be moved from your desktop to your phone.

Flash performance on the Android platform however will be hailed as the single most important differentiating factor between the Google-based mobile solution and Apple's iPhone. The next version of Android has been called Gingerbread and should be out by the end of the year.