Google mulls adding facial recognition tech

Courting more privacy outrage, Google the unstoppable snoop is mulling the launch of facial recognition technology according to a report in the FT.

CEO Eric Schmidt said the company is in a bit of a quandary after getting caught snooping on unsecured private Wi-fi networks around the world. This followed the daft attempt to turn its Gmail, email service into a "social network" named Buzz. Users with any sense told it buzz off.

According to the FT, Schmidt said: "Facial recognition is a good example...  anything we did in that area would be highly, highly planned, discussed and reviewed. When you go through these things, you review your management procedures."

Still, the corporation hasn't ruled out adding the technology to an unspecified product at some date: "It is important that we continue to innovate," he flanneled.

Google already uses facial recognition in its Picasa picture-sharing software.