Google Wave Revamp is Now Available to All

Google has upgraded its Google Wave web application, fixing bugs and making the product easier to use.

Wave is a collaborative tool that enables users to email, chat, edit and share documents in real-time.

Lars Rasmussen, head of Google Wave and Google Maps, announced the updates during the company's I/O developer conference on Wednesday.

Rasmussen also revealed at the conferencene that Wave would no longer be invitation-only. The company has opened the app to the public in a bid to increase its user base.

Experts believe that Google Wave, which was well received at Google's I/O meeting last year, didn't fulfil its potential due to the simultaneous release of Google Buzz.

Google has also announced plans to widen its client base by signing deals with several schools, colleges and government and private agencies, allowing them to make use of many of the services available in its cloud-based Google apps suite.