People power forces iPad cash sales

Apple has been forced to reverse its policy of only selling iPads to credit card-wielding punters after a cash-carrying customer complained to a TV station's consumer watchdog programme.

Diane Campbell saved up enough money for an iPad which would have been her first ever computer, but was told by an Apple Store goon that she couldn't have one because they were only being sold to people paying with credit or debit cards.

The employee told her it was to prevent iPads ending up on the black market. Campbell decided to contact 7 On Your Side which is part of the ABC television network.

The case caused a right old kerfuffle and Apple has now responded:

"About a month ago, we said we'd like you to use a credit card when you buy your iPad, and that was the best way we could think of to make sure that people only bought two per individual," said a spokesapple. "Then it came to our attention that Diane [Campbell], through your story, was very interested in buying an iPad with cash, and we made a decision today to change that."

Cash buyer's will be able to get their hands on an iPad from today, but they will have to set up an iTunes account in store at the time of purchase. We might be wrong... but don't you need a credit card to set up an iTunes account which can do anything useful, like download Apps?

And just to prove how cute and fluffy it is, Apple sent a couple of store employees around to her house to personally deliver a free iPad. Ah!

[Sounds a bit Big Brother to me. You can't have one unless you prove who you are! Bah! Ed.]