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Red Dead Redemption has major bugs

Rockstar Games is said to be working furiously on a patch for its cowboy shooter Red Dead Redemption after embarrassing flaws were found in the game's multiplayer mode.

The wild west gun-fest, which was released in XBox and PS3 flavours the USA on Tuesday and is due to launch in Europe tomorrow, is the subject of much mockery on the Internet with Youtube becoming a virtual repository of borked gameplay clips which will be the cause of many a red face at Rockstar.

Players have been complaining about invisible horses, weapons and other essential in-game items. The multiple bugs apparently affect all versions of the game

The company told Kotaku that it was, "Really happy with how well Red Dead Redemption has been received by the community on both platforms so far. We're aware of the issues some people are experiencing on multiplayer and we're working hard to fix them."

The one redeeming factor in all of this is that we get to see hilarious videos of bow-legged cowboys riding invisible horses and shooting invisible guns... enjoy!