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£920 SAMSUNG LE40C750 40" Full HD 3D Ready LCD TV

Your entertainment will be leaping from the screen at you with this cutting-edge Samsung LE40C750 40" Full HD 3D Ready LCD TV!

This 1080p television delivers an absolutely stunning picture with razor sharp detail, and 200Hz technology helps to eliminate motion blur.

Powered by the 3D HyperReal Engine, the Samsung LE40C750 requires a pair of separate Samsung 3D glasses together with a 3D source such as a compliant Blu-ray player to deliver a breathtaking stereoscopic experience! This high-tech television is also able to convert your existing 2D movies to 3D using advanced technology.

Aside from its 3D capability, the Samsung LE40C750 40" Full HD 3D Ready LCD TV has plenty more on offer. A built-in DVB-T2 Freeview HD tuner means you'll be able to enjoy a stunning High Definition picture straight from the box, subject to available HD broadcasts in your area. There are also four HDMI ports, which enable you to receive digital quality video and audio from HD sources such as game consoles and Blu-ray players.

A raft of other connectors provides almost infinite entertainment potential! Feed your multimedia files to the TV through a USB port, or hook up a PC with the VGA connector. SCART sockets provide backward compatibility with older components.

Buy the SAMSUNG LE40C750 40" Full HD 3D Ready LCD TV (opens in new tab) from Dixons for £920 after a 5 percent discount off all TVs over £800 using the voucher code FIVETV.

Désiré Athow

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