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Apple Boss Attacks Google VP8 Video Codec

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has continued his crusade against all things Google by slighting the search giant's VP8 open-source video codec.

Karis Bloe, a Leeds-based software developer and reader of the Register Technology web site, e-mailed (opens in new tab) Jobs to ask him about his views on the newly launched HTML 5 video codec.

In a reply, sent at 4:30 am, Steve Jobs pointed to a blog post (opens in new tab) made by third-year college student Jason Garrett-Glaser, in which he claims that the VP8 is comparatively weaker than the H.264 video used by Apple's Safari web browser.

In the blog, Garrett-Glaser also reckons the VP8 code will not be able to stand up to the scrutiny of patent lawyers, saying: "With regard to patents, VP8 copies way too much from H.264 for anyone sane to be comfortable with it, no matter whose word is behind the claim of being patent-free."

The VP8 video codec was unveiled by Google at the company's I/O developer conference and has managed to garner support from Opera, Mozilla and Microsoft, which said that its IE9 browser will support the codec as long as users download a suitable plug-in.