Bioshock devs publish 'how to pitch' docs

Reckon you have a great idea for a videogame? Not sure how to get your idea noticed? Look no further.

Irrational games has made the bold move of divulging the secrets of successful games pitching by publishing the original outline which eventually led to the creation of the wildly popular Bioshock franchise.

You'll need to be patient, however, if you want to get the full story, as Irrational has decided that letting the whole document into the wild in one enormous spurt would be too much for the gaming public.

So the company has outed the first eight pages of the document, described as "a masterful fusion of design and marketing" to a public which is rarely given access to such secrets.

"In the next few installments (sic) of From the Vault, we will divulge the myriad departures BioShock took from its original vision, but also show our readers just how much the game’s heart and soul stayed constant," burbled the company. "You will be made privy to our very first design concepts and original drafts of back-story."

It makes fascinating reading for anyone who has played the games or is interested in getting into the gaming industry, and we can barely wait for the next instalment.