British binmen to get Blackberrys

Once the reserve of besuited boardroom wranglers, the Blackberry has recently taken a step down the social ladder if a report by a newspaper is to be believed (which it probably isn't).

The Torygraph is reporting that Biffa, one of the UK's biggest rubbish collection companies, is to issue its refuse relocation operatives, as they are probably known these days, with Blackberry handsets.

The report suggests, in the newspaper's inimitable what-is-the-world-coming-to style, that the binmen will be using the devices to report the heinous crimes of overfilling wheelie bins or stuffing recyclables in the landfill collection.

Not letting the truth get in the way of a rubbish story, the report also guesses that the devices will be used to track wayward binmen in order to stop them spending all day in the pub while the rubbish piles up outside your house.