Google Faces US Lawsuit Over Wi-Fi Snooping

Search giant Google has been served with a class action lawsuit filed by residents of America's Pacific northwest.

The suit, brought by Vicki Van Valin and Neil Mertz, claims that Google had invaded users' privacy when its Street View car captured their Wi-Fi network information, TechEye reports.

The class action lawsuit, filed in a district court in Oregon, accuses the company of intentionally intercepting and storing Wi-Fi data from unprotected networks to serve its own motives.

The lawsuit demands that Google should pay $100 per day, per person or $10,000 for each member signed up for the class action lawsuit.

This lawsuit follows news that German prosecutors have begun a criminal investigation into Google's collection of Wi-Fi data.

Last week, Google confessed that it had been storing Wi-Fi data intercepted by its Google Street View cars, but insist that it was unintentional and that "no harm was done".

Google also states that it was in the process of contacting privacy authorities in certain countries to discuss satisfactory ways of deleting the data.