Google Launches Pac-Man Doodle To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

Search Engine Google has changed its logo to one that shows Pac-man in its blue-on-black maze, complete with four ghosts and the yellow dots, to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of Pac-man.

For the first time ever, Google managed to make the logo interactive by adding some cool Javascript functionality.

Indeed, Google users can start a game of Pac-man by clicking on the "insert coin" button which has been replaced for a day the "I am feeling lucky" button. Clicking the button twice starts a two-player game.

It appears that a cookie then restarts the game each time you load the Google front page, which can be irritating given that the game also includes the actual sound track as well.

The game - which was created by Japanese Company Namco Bandai back in 1980s - can then be controlled by the four arrow keys. The second player gets to use the W,A,S,D keys.

A Google spokesperson said that the game will be on the website for 48 hours and that the Search giant wanted to "To pay the homage that Pac-Man deserves as a ground-breaking innovation in the gaming world, Google equipped the doodle with many unique characteristics from the original Pac-Man game".