Google TV finally announced

Google has finally shown off Google TV, a project it has been hyping in a series of well-placed leaks since the beginning of the year.

We've reported before about how Google had teamed up with the likes of Intel, Sony, and Logitech to stick the Internet on your telly.

Now at the snooping monster's annual IO conference in San Francisco, Google has finally come clean on its plans.

It has added a few new "partners" into the mix, calling Dish Network Corp., Best Buy Co. and [cough!] Adobe Systems Inc. up onto the stage to join the trumpet blowing.

"We've been waiting a long time for today," crowed Eric Schmidt, Google's snoop-in-chief.

Eric Kim, Intel's senior digital TV bloke said: "This is the first time a truly open approach to TV is being built for consumers."

Google TV will be based on a tweaked version of Android called Dragonpoint and includes search features to allow users to pick and choose between conventional TV output and Internet fare, all from the comfort of their settee.

As always happens, the on-stage demonstrations were beset by Snafus which Google blamed on conflicting wireless devices in the room, but essentially, you can guess what it's all about.

Basically. it'll be a telly with an Atom-powered set-top box inside. The Atom chip is Intel's CE4100 SOC, specially designed for tellies. You can read all about it in a pdf here.

In our view, the key component with not be the TV, but the wireless remote control along with Google's user interface. The remote would seem to be Logitech's domain although it appears the outfit is also working on a device that will work with some existing TVs.

The fisrt Google TVs will appear in shops this autumn. No prices are as yet available.

You can see a Google advert for its TV here.