Google TV service Unveiled

Google has unveiled Google TV at its I/O developers' conference, alongside representatives from Sony, Intel and Logitech.

Google TV is set to allow users to access social networking sites, watch videos on YouTube and view ordinary cable programmes as well.

According to the search giant, Google TV will use a set-top box with a remote control specially designed to allow easy switching between traditional TV and the internet. Users will also be provided with a keyboard developed by Logitech.

The Google TV set-top box is being powered by Intel's unique CE4100 system-on-a-chip.

Commenting on the development, Rishi Chandra, senior project manager with Google, said: “Video should be consumed on the biggest, best and brightest screen in the house. And that's a TV. It's not a PC or a phone or anything else in between.”

Google TV, which will only be compatible with high-definition TVs, will launch in the US this Autumn, and will come to the UK early next year.

This price for this new device is yet to be announced.