Microsoft Declares War On Click Fraud

Microsoft has vowed to track down the perpetrators of "click fraud", and lay this sophisticated scam to rest.

Senior vice-president Brad Smith stated at a press conference that the Digital Crime Unit of Microsoft has declared an open war against the scammers, who make money by using automated scripts or malware to generate false clicks on advertisements.

Microsoft's Digital Crime Unit is made up of 15 attorneys and forensic experts, experienced in dealing with online fraud.

In the statement, Smith also criticised web giants for not taking sufficient steps to stop the fraud.

Microsoft, determined to set a precedent in the matter, has filed a lawsuit against RedOrbit, a seven-year-old science news website, accusing it of initiating a new type of click fraud called “click laundering”.

Microsoft hopes to gain ground on rival Google by boosting user confidence in its search engine, Bing, and increasing advertisers' faith in its services.

The Digital Crime team also said that now the fusion of Yahoo! and Bing is complete, it would be tackling click laundering on Yahoo’s search engine.