News@10: Flash 10.1, London Broadband and the Samsung Wave

Adobe Systems is preparing to release an updated version of Flash to enhance the quality of video playback on mobile phones and quash the criticism coming from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The Microsoft Windows Mobile platform has been suffering lately and sales of smartphones using Google's Android-based platform have surged. We explore why.

The UK coalition government is planning to use a portion of the BBC license fee to pay for the expansion of high-speed broadband across the country, especially targeting the digitally deprived areas.

Online video streaming service Seesaw has released a new online service that offers up to 1,000 hours of paid-for programmes, ranging from 99p to £18 per program.

UK telecoms provider Vodafone has released the Samsung Wave smartphone for pre-order on its website. Customers will be able to get the phone for as little as £25 per month on selected tariffs.