News@5: Google TV, Cisco Acquires MOTO and Australian Customs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has attacked Google's new VP8 video codec in an e-mail to Leeds-based software developer Karis Bloe, continuing his long-running war against the search giants.

Google has revealed Google TV at its I/O developers conference alongside representatives from Sony, Intel and Logitech, all involved in its development.

Cisco has announced plans to acquire MOTO Development Group in a statement on Tuesday. MOTO have previously worked alongside Cisco for the Flip digital camcorder line.

International Data Corporation has predicted that Apple's iPad will entirely revolutionise the media tablet market, expecting sales of the device to reach 48 million by 2014.

A new Australian Customs law makes it compulsory to declare any pornographic material stored on personal laptops, mobile phones or cameras when entering the country.