Sales Of iPad Tablets Surpass Those Of Apple Macs

iPad devices are selling at a faster rate than Apple's own Mac computers according to a technology analyst at RBC Markets, Mike Abramsky, whose quotes on technology companies, like Apple, are known to influence markets.

Abramsky, according to The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital, sent a memo to his clients saying that "checks" show that ipad sales remain strong even after the launch. RBC markets say that more than 200,000 iPads are being sold each week in the US.

This compares favourably with the 110,000 Mac computers being acquired in the US over the same period and is just under the 246,000 estimated iPhone 3GS being sold.

Extrapolating on those numbers, Abramski reckons that Apple will sell up to eight million iPad in 2010, that's more than other analysts have predicted.

This is made even more extraordinary by the fact that Apple has launched the tablet in April, missing the first quarter of the year entirely. Furthermore, the iPad was a different bet from the iPhone as it is the pioneer rather than the follower in this new form factor.

Finally, unlike the iPhone, the iPad is not being subsidised by any mobile network operators which makes the tablet PC's sales figures even more confounding.