Sky Player Comes To FetchTV STBs

BSkyB customers will be able to watch Sky content through Sky Player on their FetchTV boxes which are currently on sale at a number of high street stores - including DSGi ones - for around £219 although the price of the box on FetchTV's website is only £180.

The Sky video on demand service is included as part of the package of paid-for Sky users; those on FreesatfromSky won't be able to get it which means that you will have to fork at least £15 per month to access it.

The box is presented as a hybrid design that includes a Freeview+ Digital TV recorder (with two tuners), onboard WiFi, HDMI, USB, Ethernet and SCART connectors, a 160GB hard disk drive and the ability to stream content from BBC iPlayer and other DLNA-compatible devices (computers, NAS etc).

Interestingly, FetchTV, which relies on its Smartbox 8000, may offer video on demand movies at some point in time. FetchTV is an altogether commendable peripheral for those looking to get an all in one solution for their viewing needs.

Still, it would be better if FetchTV could get two Freeview HD tuners and a 802.11n/GbE ethernet connectivity plus a bigger hard drive. The 3View box in this case, which is available for around £300, might be a better solution for those looking for a more future proof model.